Planning your retirement

Never has the need for retirement planning been greater.

We are living longer, healthier lives, and although the state pension age is rising the reality is that many of us will spend longer in retirement than our predecessors.

This should be something to celebrate, as free from the constraints of work, we can fill our days exactly as we please.  However, if we don’t have sufficient funds to meet our outgoings it could be a very gloomy time indeed and it is unlikely that the State Pension alone would be sufficient for many to lead the lifestyle they would choose.

Additional pension provision will be needed by most and it is never too soon to start saving.

Work with us to create a retirement built on solid foundations. We will review any personal and work-based pension schemes that you have amassed and the opportunities currently available to you. We’ll incorporate any other wealth and protection plans you may have to support your goals. We will also consider your Annual and Lifetime Allowances to ensure that you don’t encounter unexpected tax charges.

We have considerable experience advising on NHS and other public sector pension schemes.

Contact us to help you devise a workable long term plan and achieve the retirement lifestyle you have always dreamed of.