What our clients say

I wanted to thank you for the fabulous Employee Benefit support our company receives from Brad. Since we first started working with him, he has been super effective, efficient and helpful. Having worked with other pension and benefit support teams in the past, his service has far exceeded anything I have experienced before; he really cares about doing a great job for us, whatever the topic and this shines through in everything he does. His knowledge and expertise give us complete confidence and his personal style and commitment is exemplary. He manages to provide clear and helpful guidance and support whilst carefully maintaining the line between providing information and guidance and “advice” (meaning financial advice). He is highly responsive to all requests and makes complex topics simple and straight forward. Hats off to you Brad – really you are outstanding in everything that you do for us!

I would also add that Brad helped me personally recently, following challenges with the service provided by my Insurance Company; his sensitive handling of the situation and willingness to go the extra mile to resolve the issue was highly appreciated. Without his intervention, the outcome may have been very different. I was already aware it is Brad’s natural style to step in and do whatever he can to resolve challenges but the extra follow up and checks to make sure the outcome was positive was really something which was unexpected, and really showed his care for his customers and people he works with and this should be acknowledged.

Thank you Brad, so much – I really cannot praise you highly enough.
Ms KF, Surrey

I have known Andy for many years and worked professionally with him for several of those. During this time I have found him to be incredibly knowledgeable about the services he provides and with great interpersonal skills which have seen him deliver reports and presentations at Director and shop floor level equally with enthusiasm. In addition to this I have found the products that he has recommended to be of the highest level.

I would not hesitate to recommend Andy to any business looking to benefit from a professional and extremely competent individual.
Ms LK, Mansfield

Vince has been providing me with financial advice for many years and I would recommend him without hesitation – especially for the quite extraordinary degree of patience he has exhibited over the years when I take an age to actually get around to acting on the excellent advice he gives me.
Mr AC, Nottingham

Of all the pension schemes I’ve worked with, and all the advisers associated with them, you have by far been the easiest, most straight forward and fun to work with.

Thank you for your support, especially when it must have been very frustrating. I hope our paths will cross again.
Ms ES, Pension Scheme Trustee, Birkenhead

John from Pannells FP has given me financial advice over many years. Throughout this time, he has advised intelligently and honourably, in a way which has been entirely and predictably consistent with my best interests. He has a remarkable depth of knowledge and has always been able to address my circumstances and achieve significant results in both the short and long term. I would strongly recommend John and Pannells FP for first class, astute, highly professional advice.
Dr NW, Norfolk

Thank you very much for the thought and time you have spent considering our financial affairs and position. It is very satisfying to deal with a man of such specialist knowledge who can put very complex information into a form that I as a “lay man” in this field can understand with only a second read! I understand and agree with all that you have written.
Mr FT, Western Isles

My wife and I wanted to drop you a line to say how much we have appreciated the advice and support we have received over the past two years from Paul and the team in Ipswich.

Paul has undertaken a complete review of our finances, and has helped us to make some very significant changes, in preparation for eventual retirement. He took over from a previous adviser who had worked with us for many years, and very quickly established a relationship of both trust and confidence which has grown remarkably, and which we both very much appreciate.

Paul’s ability to maintain a strategic overview, whilst at the same time giving attention to important details, is exemplary. He is always extremely well-prepared for meetings, responds quickly to calls and correspondence, and never seems to lose his wonderful sense of humour! He is also both encouraging and clear in his advice, giving both the pros and the cons of any particular course of action, whilst never hesitating to indicate what he feels to be the best course – the mark of a good adviser (and I speak as a former solicitor!).

He is obviously well supported by Alan and other colleagues, and this has clearly helped during a year when he has taken on other responsibilities within the firm. They too have been both attentive and charming to deal with.

There is no particular reason for writing this, save that it occurred to me that it really ought to be said!

We are very much looking forward to working with Paul for many years to come and with your excellent firm. Thank you very much indeed for all your help.

With very best wishes and thanks.
Sir Y, Suffolk

I would just like to say how extremely impressed and happy I am with your management of my finances. You have consistently provided me with very thorough, well researched data from which you have distilled the essence of what I need based on really listening to me at our meetings and meshing that expertly with your thorough grounding in a wide range of financial matters.

My Pension was scattered and faltering and you have constructed a solid and vibrant entity that has already exceeded my expectations. In a falling market you have still managed to make significant gains for me on my other investments. You have also given me wise advice on a range of other financially related matters crafted to my individual circumstances reflecting how well you listen to your clients.
Dr CG, Scottish Isles

Thank you very much Brad for such an interesting and thorough presentation – we have had loads of excellent feedback and I think there will be a lot of people putting more money into their pension fund. We are also very much looking forward to arranging an employee day and 1:1 pension surgery/advice for our Area Sales Managers.
Ms LC, Hampshire

I have worked with Pannells for many years. As advisors to my company, their service was excellent. In my retirement, Pannells, via Vince and his team, are currently handling all my investments and pensions, which are successfully providing me with an excellent level of income.   Nothing is too much trouble for them. They provide a high quality, personal and professional service with an excellent knowledge of their field. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Mr CS, Nottinghamshire

I wish to take the opportunity to thank you for the level of support we are receiving in terms of consultancy and advice:

  • keeping us right in term of complex Auto Enrolment legislation which gives us protection/comfort that we are doing things right
  • assisting our governance reviews (eg service provider, default investment funds, etc)
  • ensuring that our group life scheme has been written on an “excepted” basis… which means any proceeds on a death claim will fall outside of Lifetime allowance(s) … held in trust and go to beneficiaries IHT free
  • preparing minutes / actions from our meetings so that even more value will be visible – employee communications including Pannells newsletters (PDFs with latest Budget & Autumn Statement changes, etc)

Mr IW, West Lothian

It was nice to have a word with you today, so reassuring to have a calm approach to financial planning.  Thank you for your continued help.
Mrs SS, Leicestershire

Can I take this chance to thank you very much for the reports and advice you have provided over the past few weeks. Your detailed analysis has helped myself and (client name) enormously in clarifying our financial situation and allows us to make sensible plans for the future.
Mr AM, Glasgow

Many thanks for this information and I have used it to gain Individual Protection with regard to my pension.

I found the help received from yourself was excellent and I could not have managed IP16 without it so I do mean many thanks indeed. Hopefully, we can meet up again at some point in the future to further review pension options.
Mr JR, Banffshire